HERO Research Experience for Undergraduates Program
The Human-Environment Regional Observatory project (HERO) is developing ways to study the local causes and consequences of global environmental change. Global environmental change, such as climate change and land-use change, is essentially a local, human problem. Global environmental change results from countless human actions occurring locally. At the same time, people both feel the impacts of and respond to global environmental change where they live.

The HERO Research Experience for Undergraduates Site is a summer research program sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The goal of the HERO REU Site is to introduce advanced geography undergraduate students to the field and laboratory techniques needed to study the local dimensions of global environmental change. If you are a junior/senior-level geography student from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Kansas, or Arizona and if you would like to spend your summer working with scientists addressing global environmental change in local places, consider participating in the HERO REU Site.

Twelve students--three from Pennsylvania, three from Massachusetts, three from Kansas, and three from Arizona--will participate in the HERO REU Site activities, which will run from May 29 to July 22, 2005. The primary activities will include a short course, local-area studies, and remote collaboration.

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